Cabinet Fast 700lt A70/1TG

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The FAST range cabinets, with it’s cooling capacity and storage efficiency together with it’s flexibility of use and high quality, makes every traditional ice cream maker’s dream to have one in their shop.

The high refrigeration power of the appliance equipped with thermostatic valve allows for intense cooling cycles down to -30°C with the following “Fast-Freezing” functions:

By placing the freshly-prepared tubs of ice cream at -30°C for a limited period of time, the surface will harden – particularly useful for products to be displayed for sale. This will prevent the product from extending out of the tub, avoiding its early melting.

You can extend the “Fast Freezing -30 function” by rapidly freezing some of the residual water present in the ice cream. The storage period increases, while keeping volume, creaminess and flavours unaltered. The fast freezing ensures that the ice cream remains as wholesome as when freshly-made.

Ample storage capacity and perfect temperature distribution means you can not only store ice cream at -18°C, but also semi-freddo, mousses, cakes, Bavarian creams and single portions.