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MEC083231.2 KG x 10 BAG
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A refined taste, inspired by the tradition of great French confectionery, ready to delight the finest palates and that can not miss in the best ice cream parlors.
SALTED BUTTER CARAMEL BASE is the contrasting encounter between the sweetness of caramel and the decisive character of the salt , which turns into a harmonious embrace of flavors.

To make this product with a unique and engaging flavor, we used just the butter caramel: this is the only way to obtain an ice cream with a persistent taste and an intense and natural color .
For the salt we have chosen a mixture of salts, among which the precious pink Himalayan salt , which is not refined and which keeps intact all its organoleptic properties. Excerpted on the slopes of the highest mountain range in the world, it maintains its purity to enhance the flavor of caramel.

SALTED BUTTER CARAMEL BASE by MEC3 is a powder product without dyes or preservatives, very easy to prepare.


  • complete powder product, to be dissolved in milk
  • caramel flavored with salted butter
  • contains Himalayan salt
  • caramel color


DOSAGE: 1.2 Kg product + 3 L milk, or for a richer gelato with taste: 1.2 Kg product + 2.5 L milk