The best partner for a chef. Rationalize your work, enrich your menu, reduce waste and increase profits. The Coldline blast chiller will change the way you work forever.

The quick cold technology protects the food from bacterial attack, extends storage times and reduces the weight loss due to evaporation, maintaining the hallmark quality of your cooking.

The traditional cooling of a cooked food product at room temperature or in a refrigerator causes a rapid deterioration. With the Coldline blast chiller storage times are extended, while keeping the shape, aroma and flavour of your dishes unaltered.

You can chill blast a food product at +3°C, even on a pre-prepared portion, and finish cooking it in the oven just before serving. Alternatively, deep-freeze at -18°C and store dishes to be used even several months later, with an absolute guarantee of quality.

You can effectively combine the use of the blast chiller with the direct purchase of raw materials from local producers, according to the most recent initiatives in this field. By doing so you will always have fresh, affordable and traceable products.

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